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Unoriginal rap artist who steals the music of other artist's, adds some crappy lyrics and calls it his own.

Egotistic, racist and ignorant.
Kanye West "th th that that don't kill me, can only make me stronger..."

Listener "hold on, isn't that music from a Daft Punk song??????"
by eoinsy February 03, 2008
verb. (i) The act of spending time with one's girlfriend/female partner instead of choosing to do so with male friends.

(ii) The act of sexual intercourse.

Can be used in many forms.
Guy 1: "Coming out later for a few beers?"
Guy 2: "Nah sorry, I'm pooning"

Guy 1: "Are you pooning later?"
Guy 2: "Ye we're going for dinner"
Guy 1: "Bender!"

Guy 1: "Where'd you end up last night?"
Guy 2: "Went back to mine with that bird I was with"
Guy 1: "Did you poon?"
Guy 2: "Nah, got head though"
Guy 1: "Lad!"
by eoinsy August 21, 2009
(i) A person/object that originates from Ireland.

(ii) An identity many middle-aged American's tend to associate themselves with. Contrary to their belief, they are not Irish. Having a "great-granddaddy" from Ireland does not make you Irish.
Colin Farrell is Irish

Yank: "Oh my god, I'm Irish too. My father's mother came from County Kerry. I visited her home town last summer it was so pretty"
by eoinsy August 21, 2009

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