a gay fish and/or a black racist with musical talent that has a habit of making a fool of himself on television; also claims to be Jesus
"Did you see that Kanye West on TV"

"Yeah, he's a jackass"
by trogdor0086 September 20, 2009
His egomaniac personality overshadows his talent as a rapper, and is slowly eating away at his career.
Did you see Kanye West at the MTV Europe awards? What an egomaniac.
by Mynameisthisrightnow November 05, 2006
A gay fish.
Kanye West is a gay fish
by harpua420 April 14, 2009
A gay fish.
Any sane person: Do you like fishsticks?

Kanye West: Yeah of course!

Any sane person: Then you're a gay fish!

Kanye West: What the fuck did you say motherfucker?? I ain't no gay fish!
by kanyewestisabitch April 11, 2009
A corny commercial MTV rapper who completely sucks. He then tries to say he's bringin Hip-Hop back and has a tired Jesus gimmik. If you dont beleave me that he sucks, just listen to "New Work Out Plan" and you'll see.
"No body wants a little tight ass."
"Oh my god your breath is harsh"
the corniest shit you can imagine
by jiggityjacksmak March 01, 2005
A gay fish.
Fred: Hey, I heard Kanye West likes fish sticks.

Travis: Yeah. He must be a gay fish.
by rewgfbn April 25, 2009
the gayest of the gay fish
Kanye west likes fish likes fish sticks so he is a gay fish
by mango Suave April 26, 2009

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