To abruptly, and rudely, cut someone off as they are speaking -particularly when the speaker (who is addressing a large audience) is at the climax of their speech.

In its purest form - the interruption is intended to berate, discredit, embarrass and utterly humiliate the speaker.
Poor Taylor Swift got "Kanye'd" at the Video Music Awards!

Dan was proudly explaining to his staff how his new system would enhance the company's output when Penelope "Kanye'd" him by saying, "Your system is a piece of shit!"
by Who Woulda Thought September 15, 2009
1. an act of aggressive narcissism;
2. to grab attention with a disingenuously grand gesture;
3. to insistently make everything around oneself, self-referential;
4. any egregiously public FAIL.
"The wedding reception? Oh, it was great... some aunt got up, all hammered, totally Kanye'd all over it, but whatever..."

"I'm the only man in the world to become a verb! First Google, now Kanye!"
by The Simpsonian Institution September 15, 2009
(Noun) 1.One who has an artificial, unjustified god complex. A person with zero perception of reality, intelligence or worth. A specimen of the lowest esteem yet the highest douche baggery.
2. A burning sensation in the penile region accompanied by a sticky discharge.

3. May be used interchangeably with felch.

(Adjective) The ultimate insult for any occasion.
Don't be a Kanye. Stop Kanyeing me. I think I contracted Kanye. What a Kanye. I just took the biggest Kanye. You son of a Kanye! Damn it, I stepped in some Kanye! The doctor came back with some horrible news: he said I have the Kanye. Just payed that hooker 50 cents for that sucked.
by fuck kanye March 22, 2015
Douche Bag/ Mean Person.
Kebly, stop being such a Kanye!

You are being a Kanye, you should probably stop.
by ralphhie September 22, 2009
To rob all attention from someone deserving thereof, usually done in a rude manner breaking social etiquette and norms.
My little brother is such a little kanye sometimes.

Don't be such a kanye and give me my keys back.
by kevon t September 22, 2009
To act like a complete tit/wanker/cunt/berk/prat.
You're being a total Kanye!
by End of an Era September 21, 2009
Acting like a jackass or doche in front of a group of people.
Wow, he really pulled a Kanye tonight.
by Money00 September 21, 2009

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