To rudely interrupt someone's positivity with your own negativity.
Brian:"Yeah, I gave her a hug and told her I loved her..."
Allan: "Lame, bro. Way to pull a kanye."
by karrieatscrayons September 14, 2009
Verb: To Kanye

1. To be a musical genius

2. To interrupt someone abruptly and rudely but be completely correct
We kanyed that bitch in the pageant last night it was sick.
by City of Destiny November 29, 2010
A name to call someone who interrupts you or someone else with their own thought.
Person: You would never believe what happened next! The fish jumped out of the water and-
Person 2: Dude, my goldfish died last night!
Person 3: No one cares, Kanye.
by ThatChickWhoLikesWords September 29, 2009
Douche Bag/ Mean Person.
Kebly, stop being such a Kanye!

You are being a Kanye, you should probably stop.
by ralphhie September 22, 2009
To rob all attention from someone deserving thereof, usually done in a rude manner breaking social etiquette and norms.
My little brother is such a little kanye sometimes.

Don't be such a kanye and give me my keys back.
by kevon t September 22, 2009
kanye(v.)- to interrupt someone while they are in the spotlight for any reason.
person #1: today my speech is about-
person #2e: hold on imma let you finish, but sally had the best speech ever!
person #3: she just got kanyed!
by k_FunnY1 September 21, 2009
To act like a complete tit/wanker/cunt/berk/prat.
You're being a total Kanye!
by End of an Era September 21, 2009

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