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to interrupt someone, while acting like a total jackass in the process
"Don't kanyé me when I'm talking!"
"I didn't appreciate when you kanyé'd me during my presentation."
by drumdude September 15, 2009
8 6
To abruptly, and rudely, cut someone off as they are speaking -particularly when the speaker (who is addressing a large audience) is at the climax of their speech.

In its purest form - the interruption is intended to berate, discredit, embarrass and utterly humiliate the speaker.
Poor Taylor Swift got "Kanye'd" at the Video Music Awards!

Dan was proudly explaining to his staff how his new system would enhance the company's output when Penelope "Kanye'd" him by saying, "Your system is a piece of shit!"
by Who Woulda Thought September 15, 2009
7 5
1. an act of aggressive narcissism;
2. to grab attention with a disingenuously grand gesture;
3. to insistently make everything around oneself, self-referential;
4. any egregiously public FAIL.
"The wedding reception? Oh, it was great... some aunt got up, all hammered, totally Kanye'd all over it, but whatever..."

"I'm the only man in the world to become a verb! First Google, now Kanye!"
by The Simpsonian Institution September 15, 2009
7 5
It basically is used when someone is being an asshole or just a dickhead.
Don't be such a Kanye!
by EvilGeniusTheFirst September 15, 2009
6 4
one person acting like a piece of shit to another person
Making that little boy cry by stealing his ice cream was such a Kanye move.
by OffendedMama September 15, 2009
7 5
Douche, Douchebag, Asshole, Dick, Overall not nice guy oh and Dumbass.
When he bum rushed the stage and declared Beyonce's video to be better he was being a real Kanye.
by Handley September 14, 2009
5 3
To vocalize displeasure in an inappropriate way at an ill-chosen time, especially when the opinion is unsolicited or irrelevant; to act as a Devil's Advocate in such a way that even Satan would disapprove of; to cause a scene butting-in whether anyone cares or not; to overestimate the necessity of broadcasting one's own bitching and moaning;
We were having a nice dinner when all of a sudden the guy at the next table started going all Kanye and told us not to order the veal because it's cruel to baby cows.
Shut your Kanye mouth, no one asked for your two cents.
by isopropylburns September 14, 2009
7 5