To act like a complete tit/wanker/cunt/berk/prat.
You're being a total Kanye!
by End of an Era September 21, 2009
Acting like a jackass or doche in front of a group of people.
Wow, he really pulled a Kanye tonight.
by Money00 September 21, 2009
(verb) to interrupt or usurp someone while they have the floor or are in the spotlight.

I kanyed Taylor Swift last night at the VMA Awards, cause I just had to let everybody know Beyonce had an awesome video.
by xxxcider September 19, 2009
A tool bag, one who espaecially likes to take the limelight
also like a mormon
Kid - Why'd he just start blurting out the answers, they were wrong?
other kid - Oh he's just a kanye
by kanye-hater September 15, 2009
(verb) to kanye, kanye-ing, kanye'd

The act of suddenly turning the spotlight from one person deserving attention to someone not as deserving.
Person 1: Man, Aunt Edna's wedding was totally ruined when my cousin George shouted out that Susie's ceremony was the best he'd ever been to, just as they were exchanging vows!

Person 2: I know man, poor old Edna was totally kanye'd!
by lovesteph September 14, 2009
Douche, Douchebag, Asshole, Dick, Overall not nice guy oh and Dumbass.
When he bum rushed the stage and declared Beyonce's video to be better he was being a real Kanye.
by Handley September 14, 2009
To vocalize displeasure in an inappropriate way at an ill-chosen time, especially when the opinion is unsolicited or irrelevant; to act as a Devil's Advocate in such a way that even Satan would disapprove of; to cause a scene butting-in whether anyone cares or not; to overestimate the necessity of broadcasting one's own bitching and moaning;
We were having a nice dinner when all of a sudden the guy at the next table started going all Kanye and told us not to order the veal because it's cruel to baby cows.
Shut your Kanye mouth, no one asked for your two cents.
by isopropylburns September 14, 2009

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