(verb) to kanye, kanye-ing, kanye'd

The act of suddenly turning the spotlight from one person deserving attention to someone not as deserving.
Person 1: Man, Aunt Edna's wedding was totally ruined when my cousin George shouted out that Susie's ceremony was the best he'd ever been to, just as they were exchanging vows!

Person 2: I know man, poor old Edna was totally kanye'd!
by lovesteph September 14, 2009
Douche, Douchebag, Asshole, Dick, Overall not nice guy oh and Dumbass.
When he bum rushed the stage and declared Beyonce's video to be better he was being a real Kanye.
by Handley September 14, 2009
To vocalize displeasure in an inappropriate way at an ill-chosen time, especially when the opinion is unsolicited or irrelevant; to act as a Devil's Advocate in such a way that even Satan would disapprove of; to cause a scene butting-in whether anyone cares or not; to overestimate the necessity of broadcasting one's own bitching and moaning;
We were having a nice dinner when all of a sudden the guy at the next table started going all Kanye and told us not to order the veal because it's cruel to baby cows.
Shut your Kanye mouth, no one asked for your two cents.
by isopropylburns September 14, 2009
a goon
Instead of saying I am a goon.

You say: I am a kanye.
by Big money maker September 14, 2009
adjective: douchebaggery. noun: douchebag
your lady parts are not fresh you may want to kanye
by scotty97 February 09, 2015
a person who is so arrogant and self-centered that they believe their highly offensive behavior is brilliant. Others view this person and or their actions as a complete waste of time and oxygen.

a fool or person who has poor taste in music.
Doug was being such a huge kanye, we left him at home while we went to the show.
by Nyk Petta December 10, 2013
(KÄN-yā), Another word for feces. Also Poop, deuce or dookie. An honor earned through years of unwelcomed egotistical outbursts, highlighted by interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. A mess you do not want to step in.
"Dude, light a match. It smells like someone took a wicked Kanye in here."

"I just had the Volcano Nachos and the Angry Whopper and now I'm about to Kanye my pants."
by Soapy Johnson September 08, 2010

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