a goon
Instead of saying I am a goon.

You say: I am a kanye.
by Big money maker September 14, 2009
a person who is so arrogant and self-centered that they believe their highly offensive behavior is brilliant. Others view this person and or their actions as a complete waste of time and oxygen.

a fool or person who has poor taste in music.
Doug was being such a huge kanye, we left him at home while we went to the show.
by Nyk Petta December 10, 2013
(KÄN-yā), Another word for feces. Also Poop, deuce or dookie. An honor earned through years of unwelcomed egotistical outbursts, highlighted by interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. A mess you do not want to step in.
"Dude, light a match. It smells like someone took a wicked Kanye in here."

"I just had the Volcano Nachos and the Angry Whopper and now I'm about to Kanye my pants."
by Soapy Johnson September 08, 2010
v. to steal someone's spotlight by interrupting them during an important speech or event.
Dude, Elinor Burkett totally Kanye'd Roger Ross Willams last night at the Oscars.
by Team Venture March 08, 2010
A name to call someone who interrupts you or someone else with their own thought.
Person: You would never believe what happened next! The fish jumped out of the water and-
Person 2: Dude, my goldfish died last night!
Person 3: No one cares, Kanye.
by ThatChickWhoLikesWords September 29, 2009
To rob all attention from someone deserving thereof, usually done in a rude manner breaking social etiquette and norms.
My little brother is such a little kanye sometimes.

Don't be such a kanye and give me my keys back.
by kevon t September 22, 2009
Ghetto slang for "Douchebag interruption".
"That guy is a tool. I kept trying to tell a story and he Kanyed me the entire time."
by GreenParrot713 September 17, 2009

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