Verb: To Kanye

1. To be a musical genius

2. To interrupt someone abruptly and rudely but be completely correct
We kanyed that bitch in the pageant last night it was sick.
by City of Destiny November 29, 2010
The best rapper of our generation. The one man who has changed the rap game forever. No cd of his is bad. They are all fantastic. His creativity and talent led him to 21 Grammys which we all know is the most prestigious award for musicians. He not only won Grammys for his rap albums but also for his producing which was the beginning of his career. Regardless of his antics and his ego he is still a "god" in his job. Yeezus isn't going anywhere. And stop being haters
"Don't you hate Kanye?"
"No because Kanye's the shit"
by chewchainz December 28, 2014
The act of turning the channel when a Taylor Swift song plays.
Yesterday I had to pull a 'Kanye' when Love Song came on. Damn, Taylor Swift is garbage.
by bockclocker April 14, 2010
1. A sore loser.
2. A good rookie, but overshadowed by much better rookies.
1. "Man, why you be kanye?"
2. "He's good, but he's a kanye compared to the others.
by Mike March 19, 2005
A stupid racist so-called "rapper" that thinks that he is the reincarnation of Jesus and should be in the bible because he survived a car crash.

He thinks that white people are the fucking devil and that Beyoncé had the best music video of all time. Hebonly said that because she is black too.
2017 VMA awards: Kan-GAY West wins an award. Taylor Swift interrupts him:
"Yo, Kanye, I'm really happy for you, I'm 'a let you finish but your a jackass and Beyoncé's video kicked your video's ass. Just saying."
by Kanyeisafattassedracist October 20, 2009
The process of dropping out of college
Yo, did you heard D---n kanye'd, he's never gonna get a high paying job.
by Renny Skii Walker April 23, 2007
1. (to kanye) To completely over-use samples, often from gorgeous old soul classics resulting in the complete despondance of those who actually like to hear original material, not some over-rated arse pretending to be not only the GOAT but also the new Messiah. (Often occurs for a whole album - i.e. The College Dropout, Late Registration)

2. (to kanye) to front, to be sadiddy, to be a complete arse

3. (dressing kanye) to dress like an old man
1. "I like the album, but Nelly completely kanye'd on us. Go and find us some innovative beats from people who actually make their own!" "Okay, let's see...Puffy Combs?" "No! What are you thinking?"

2. Don't you dare be Kanye'ing on me! You ain't nothing, gurrrl!

3. Boy was dressing so kanye! I think my grandpa is more down than him!
by mos-def June 20, 2006

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