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name given to awesome people from Punjab, in northern india.

Also used in north-western india as a substitute for Prince or heir to throne!

Usually Kanwar is used by Sikh/Punjabi people, and Can be spelled as Kunwar if used by hindus.
Kanwar Singh

Kanwar Rajan Singh,
Kunwar Pratap singh,
Kunwar Ajaypal singh etc
by doctorasdf August 30, 2010
1 Word related to kanwar
a surname of siccilian origin
Vincenzo and Rosana Kanwar
(Famous Italian Celebrity Couple)
by donkeybeee1 November 07, 2010
a last name commonly used in greece, italy, sicilly, israel, and palestine. Orginates from ancient sicclian language. The meaning is glory or fame.
Artur Kanwar (Singer)
Nico Vittorio Kanwar( Singer)
Rosana Kanwar (Celebrity)
Fabio Kanwar (Futbol Player
by heritagebitch November 07, 2010

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