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Mostly a boy's name. Italian. He is a drummer, has two or three siblings, his brothers names could be Robert, Joey, or Stephen. He loves jackets, odd colors most of the time. He is the funny guy in his group of friends. He is either really tall or really short. He has the most random clothing and doesn't make a big deal out of it, but gets kicks when people notice. He usually uses a PC and not Mac. Many friends, but sadly most of which go to a different school. He is very good at a particular sport. He loves art and fashion. His friends that are girls are mostly named: Megan, April, Rebecca, and Larissa; His Friends that are guys are mostly named: Jon, Connor, Zack, and Eli. His Girlfriends are usually named: Holly, Emily, Zoey, Kristin, Alayna, or Savannah.
"Hey, Did you see Vincenzo with Zoey last night?"

Guy 1: "Should we invited Vincenzo?"
Guy 2: "Hell Yeah! It ain't a Party without him!"
by VincenzoMan July 25, 2009
An extremely handsome boy who loves to Dj, hangout with his friends, and loves his girlfriend. He is normally 5'8'', italian, has black sexy hair and blue/gold eyes! He is funny,adorable,nice,sexy, and everything a girl could ever ask for! He is so much fun and sometimes wears cute glasses. He is the most amazing boy in the world and everyone looks up to him! He is filled with millions of talents and has the best features! He loves reptiles and he is the perfect boyfriend and normally has a girlfriend named madison and there perfect for each other! and has his own clothing company called "MIND"
Did you see vincenzo today? He is the sexiest boy alive!
by Your Fiance September 04, 2011
One to have an intrest in musical theater. Probably has 3 brothers whos names can be Frankie, Danny, & Dylan. A feirce eye for fashion. An attitude like no other. Friends names can range from Courtney all the way to Sarafina.
Look at Vincenzo, hes so hot!!!!
by BoNiZ February 03, 2010
A common Italian boy's name. He normally has one or two siblings, his brothers name could be Lorenzo or John short for Giovanni. He likes different colors and is a funny guy who has a really nice personality. Vincenzo is an extremely handsome boy, who likes to hangout with his friends and loves his girlfriend very much who is genuinely a smart girlfriend. He has black hair and brown eyes. He is so much fun and sometimes very cute. He is either tall or short. He is very good at a particular sport for eg. soccer. His friends that are girls are mostly named: Jasmine, Rebecca, Megan, Hayley, Larissa, Hannah and/or Jacinta. His friends that are guys are mostly name: Connor, Daniel and/ or Samuel. His girlfriends are usually named: Holly, Zoe, Hayley, Savannah. He is surely the most amazing boy in the world and everyone looks up to him! He is filled with millions of talents and has many great features.
Did you see Vincenzo today? --He is the sexiest and cutest boy alive!
by howdyy12 May 16, 2015
A sexual act in which just before ejaculation the female grabs the male by the ankles as to provide him with the means to ejaculate on his own face.
When Vinnie told Jess he was about to cum, she flipped him over, grabbed him by his ankles and watched as he blew his load all over his own face, he pulled a vincenzo
by beaaaar January 12, 2011
One who hates MAYA when it crashes in computer art. Plays bass guitar for 2 bands soon 3. Extreamely beast and is down with the bro's. who looks emo and loves scene chicks. usually friends with people named robert or joseph. Loves stripes, and is a jacket whore!!!
-Damn brah did you see Vincenzo at school today?
by emodudemypony October 23, 2008
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