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Describes a woman who's ass is huge, but her top half is tiny. (Little t-rex arms and wee tits), so she looks like a kangaroo.
Man,look at that marsupial of a chick. She's a kangaroo!
by gogo April 28, 2004
The offspring of a donkey and rabbit.
"Who gives a shit whether a donkey fucked a rabbit and produced a kangaroo, just as long as it hops and you can dance to it." - Joe Strummer
by Bending Rodriquez January 30, 2008
An obsessive female who won't "hop" off your shit.
Bro: Hey bro that Kangaroo won't hop off Joe Maroun's dick.
Bro 2: Yeahh nigga she's been on his jock foreverr!
by JRoun November 28, 2010
A person that you like that always seems to hop away whenever you are in reach of them. A person that you like that slips away at every close chance
I was going to ask her out, but then she had to leave to class, shes such a kangaroo
by kioki_mako February 16, 2009
An unintended erection in an institutional environment. Which results in attempts to fix it so it does not jump out.
"Dude could you pass the papers out for me? I got a kangaroo situation."
by mrs. jenny mowgli October 27, 2008
People went to Australia and saw these things that liked to bounce. they went to the aboriginees and where likt "wtf are those things?? *points and fuzzy hopping thing with pouch"* and the aboriginees said "kangaroo" so they thought they were called kangaroos but really kangaroo means "I don't understand your question." in aboriginee.
" lyke oh em gee doubleyou tee eff is that thing? " "kangaroo..??" "ah ok! Kangaroo!!!' *thinks* " i didnt ask you a question you dumb fucker..."
by jo mama October 03, 2004
A young man who has a fondness for older women.
Demi Moore's husband is a kangaroo, doncha think?
by raggedynan August 13, 2009
if you split up the word into kanga and roo...you get two different winnie the pooh characters
Pooh: Rabit, have you seen kanga or roo today? kangaroo
by Tjr164 February 05, 2009