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The act of shooting a hole in someone's head and hanging them by that hole from a clothesline.
"My homie Tricky D gonna put the kangamangus on that bitch!"
by monroeyoder December 08, 2008
Shooting someone through their head, then hanging them up by their headhole (as described on the Sarah Silverman Show).
If that motherfucker doesn't shut up I'm gonna give him the kangamangus
by Lee Ferran December 10, 2008
Shooting a hole in someone's head and then hanging them by that hole on a clothes line
"My homey is gonna put a kangamangus on that bitch"
by fromthesarahsilvermanprogram December 07, 2008
To shoot someone in the head, then hanging them on a clothes line from the hole you put in their head.
"my man tricky d goin' and puttin' the kangamangus on that bitch."
by Noah_Fett December 07, 2008
Shooting someone in the head and then hanging them by the whole in their head.
yo g hes gonna Kangamangus that fool
by Dj Slasher December 07, 2008
When you shoot someone in the head and hang them on a clothesline through that hole.
Sometimes I just want to perform a Kanga Mangus on every person who loves Twilight.
by LTS180 December 08, 2008
When you shoot somebody in the head and then run a clothesline through the hole to hang them up.
Damn, he went kangamangus on that mofo.
by Sarah Silverman Enthusiast December 05, 2008

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