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a person who is a fan of the wrestler kane

or a person from canada called cody
cody is kaneanite
by EVIL STEVE May 12, 2003
One bootylicious, sexified mutha canucka.
I fucked Torrie Wilson yesterday. She was no Kaneanite.
by OZ November 20, 2003
Poster from w-e forums who is in love with Dalestate_Diva, tends to injure himself easily and loves Hot Lesbian Action
kaneanite loves me .. coz i am Dalestate_Diva
by Not Dalestate_Diva May 10, 2003
A guy from Canada, is incredibly sarcastic and mean towards his so called finacee Alex ;) He also beats up his sister and secretly loves

Also known as Cody, Coby, Cobrie, NE0 and Daydream
OMG look at that guy he's such a Kaneanite
by AleXXX July 03, 2003
faget from w-e Kissed Lee's ass to become an Admin.
Claudia-I just got an F on my test

Evil Steve- Why don't you go pull a Kaneanite on your teacher and maybe he will raise your grade.
by jason June 02, 2003
Person who hates people with certain names. Examples of these names: Claudia, Steve. That is all. Also known for liking people with certain names. Examples of these names: Cody. That is all. Also known for his amazingly skillful work on Wrestling-Edge forums as a Supermoderator(was voted best supermod of the year for 5 consecutive years in a row). Known for his amazing sexin, he is loved by all.
Also Known As: Cody
Kaneanite is loved by all. Love me or I kill you.
by Kaneanite May 18, 2003
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