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the bestest friend you could ever ask for! she's like a sister, and will stand up for you whenever! i know i love my kally wally :) sheez mah big sis!!
Alicia: Delanie, don't you think Nina is a kally?
Delanie: Totally. She's so nice and pretty!
by iluvkally March 12, 2010
A beautiful cowgirl that's funny smart and sooooo sweet a Kally us a great girl friend(if u can Handel her);) a Kally goes best with a kody
Dude did u meet Kally

Ya bro she's awesome
by My dog is cool June 12, 2013
rediculously curly hair. semi-cool. a bit fishy. rather peculiar.
i hate that kally girl.
by polarbear456 February 14, 2010

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