One of the most wonderful, beautiful, outstanding girls you will EVER meet.

She knows how to make your day a whole lot better.

She gives AMAZING advice.

Very Funny.

Likes to travel.

A girl who can make you fall deeply in love.

She makes your day.


So many things that describe her, you could never stop describing her.
Guy 1: Duuude, my day just got a whole lot better.

Guy 2:What? Oh God, you've been talking to Kallie haven't you?

Guy 1: Yeh. :]
by YourKonstantine;) July 28, 2011
A girl name of Greek origin, meaning Most Beautiful.
Pronounced like Kal-ee, not Kayley.
Kallie is gorgeous!
by patches. July 20, 2010
An amazing friend who is always there for you no matter what, she may come off as guarded but once you break down those walls, she'll be yours forever.
I love Kallie with all my heart.
by Jessica514 July 22, 2011
Someone (usually a girl unless you have crackhead parents) who is utterly far out and groovy. Nuff said.
dude! You are just like Kallie....far out and groovy.
by Kalliesnumberonefan December 06, 2010
A kallie is the best type of girl there is. She will be your bestfriend if you give her the chance. Though she is oftenly judged she dosnt let it bring her down. She is definatly a blonde at times but can be very smart when she needs to be. If your friends with a kallie your lucky and never let her go. She will keep all your secrets and will be your bestfriend when nobody else will. Kallies are the best.
Boy: hey look it's kallie!!
Boy2: dude careful of kallie!!
Boy: *walks over to kallie and flirts*
Boy2: *sighs* she is such a kallie
by Your only friend left July 01, 2013
Not to be mistaken with Callie. Kallie is a friendly laid back person that everyone loves
"She is so Kallie"
by dramaaaa April 18, 2009
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