hebrew word for Shit
I have kaki
eima shah oachalet kaki
(Your Mother Eating Shit)
by guy September 24, 2003
Top Definition
a buddy. someone or people you do things with.
i'm going to the pool with my swimming kaki.

or like, "want to go clubbing with me and my kakis?"
by Peklyn Teo June 14, 2008
An alcoholic drink consisting of raspberry vodka and Sprite. Preferrably consumed by drinking about 3 shots worth of Sprite from a 20oz bottle and then filling the container with the vodka.
I got so trashed on kakis the other night that I passed out on my friend's couch.
by Chintan Desai April 05, 2005
Japanese word, meaning fire.
Er.... "Holy crap, your house is on Kaki!" ER...It'l lsound better if you say the whole sentence in Japanese, trust meh >_>;
by P-chan May 24, 2004
means shit in hungarian but in a childish way
- kaki happens
- sorry?
- i mean shit
by fáni October 13, 2007
can be used to describe how bad u need to take a dump or can refer to something like breathe
man get away, u got kaki breathe

i need to take a major kaki
by kg March 02, 2004
a white man who wears kaki pants
UCLA is full of kakis, all tha real smart niggas go to USC, the hood school.
by ruru February 11, 2005
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