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A term popularly used in Miami that means not doing anything.
Person A- "what are you doing?"
Person B- "Nothing just here eating shit."
by Berlice March 30, 2008
Wiping out hardcore in a public place with no hope of a graceful recovery.
Man, did you see Kayla eating shit last night at the club. Her face was all fucked up this morning.
by Rastaman 2 September 13, 2009
To basically sit around doing nothing of any productive value. Or another person or group of people participating in an activity that to you is a waste of time and is of no interest.
What did you do last night?
Not much, sat around at home eating shit.

Was the club poppin' last night?
Yeah, mad heads were up in the joint, but everyone was jus' standin' around eating shit.
by Paul Alexander January 29, 2008
Like getting fucked over when you crash and it is very paintful
Example 1

Brenda-How did your skate boarding go?

Jim-Oh it was bad i ate shit

Example 2

Brenda-Jim looks like he's hurt

James-He's eating shit
by Alex Choni August 02, 2008
Having a really bad day.
John's girlfriend broke up with him, his mother died in a car crash, and he lost his job; today, John was eating shit.
by mrshiteater April 05, 2010
to hang out, or to imply people gossiping
We were at the mall, eating shit.

I walked away 'cause they were eating shit, and Mary's my friend.
by Mekka April 23, 2004
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