1) To be caught masturbating; esp. by your college roommate

2) To masturbate
I thought my roommate was out of town, but he came back in the room and totally kaisered me.

I am going to kaiser until I can’t walk!
by Duke of New Orleans March 14, 2006
The ruler of Germany. The line ended when Kaiser Willhelm fled to the Netherlands, thus ending the first world war.
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist - regarding Kaiser Sozé
by Gumba Gumba April 10, 2004
Franz "Kaiser" Beckenbauer.
Greatest fussball-player and coach ever.
Led Germany 1974 and 1990 to the world-championship.
Look dude, there's the Kaiser.
by Fritz Schnackenpfefferhausen November 04, 2005
To be caught masturbating.

To masturbate.

Named in honor of a certain individual at PHS, who had a hard time keeping his pants on.
I went eleven days without kaisering, and when I did, I blew the roof off.

That was a tough workout, I'm gonna kaiser as soon as I get home.

I had a ton of studying to do, and I couldn't stop myself from kaisering to relieve stress.
by Boo Radley of Penfield March 26, 2007
A slang term for people who are arrogant, full of themselves, and real faggety. Fag bags!
"Dude, that guy is such a kaiser!"
"You are totally kaising out man!"
"You are such a kais!"
"Sorry for getting all kaiser on you"
by rotohomo March 17, 2009
A KAiser is someone with the frattiest of frat attributes. When not drinking beers or landing women, a KAiser can often be found cruising in his frat mobile (JEEP CHEROKEE) on the island. Take note how a KAiser's hair has the perfect frat quof and doesn't move in the wind. A KAiser is a real good friend that is down for anything at anytime. If you wanna have a good time call a KAiser. A KAsier sometimes mistaken for Fraser. Also a KAiser will answer to the nickname "Kais."
Tyler: "Hey man shit's gonna get crazy tonight!"
Thomas: "I know. Who should we call?"
Tyler : "Let's call that frat star Kaiser he's down for anything"
by HAHA If you only knew February 04, 2010
Another word for cunt. A bitch of a female with poor hygiene and loose morals.
Man, my boss is such a Kaiser . She's always trippin balls.
by justice blaze orion February 01, 2009

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