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When you take a shit in a pillow case and beat someone over the head with it several times.
Billy was bein' an ass so i gave him the ol' Cincinnati Surprise!
by Pater June 26, 2003
Tanning at a tanning Salon
"HB went to go fake bake, to look good for the Halstead Street parade"
by Pater August 15, 2003
Abbreviation for Illini Broads Do Anyone
I hooked up with the IBDA lastnight! (nm)
by Pater June 11, 2003
a male that prefers the emotional/physical companionship of other males. A homosexual

Derived from "faggot"
by pater September 09, 2003
The very addicting drink abused by many Illini grads on a daily basis
Man, I cant get enough of this deuceahol!
by Pater July 18, 2003
To be called out and chastised by superiors at work for being on the internet (mainly www.illiniboard.com) too much
"So I was posting something on the deuce when my boss walked up to my desk and I knew I was kaisered"
by Pater August 13, 2003
Man I'm hung over today because of all those roast beef sammiches I had lastnight.(nm)
by Pater June 10, 2003
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