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To be stoned.

Smoke enough weed and you'll get kained.
"we went round to Skunk's house last night and got kained"
"Kained but able, Percecution just because I'm stoned"
by matt ledwitch August 19, 2007
To be totally dicked in the face on such computer games as halo 2, wwf and world snooker tour 2003.
Jack - U wanna come ova and session halo bon nuit?
Tom - Yeh fo sho, i gunna totally kain you in the face tonite.
Jack - WTF! I kained u last nite and the nite before u absolute gerk. Chamo.....
by T"n"J October 01, 2006
Getting completely fucking owned at Ultimate Frisbee!
Man, I threw that epic Hammer pass to Tony and scored after he threw me that epic Chicken Wing, we fucking Kained those idiots!
by Tkain1 October 27, 2009

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