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super smexy hott tall guy whose an awesome boyfriend and has the sexiiest girls and luvs being with his best friends and playing sports
Omg guys look at that kaine!
by i get many girls October 25, 2010
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adjective-noun; Elusive or feared character.
verb; 'kained' Beaten or outperformed in a particularly embarrasing or violent manner.
Wow, he got kained.
by Valseus February 08, 2003
A fucking mongo
kaine: spends all his time in subway and thinks tunnels are cool wtf ?
by dave the thug October 28, 2008
kain - e.g 2 hurt or b in pain...
kaine - a fookin decent gorgus luverlay schexay schweet cute bradford lad :D
rach - et kaind ass!
kaine - wat aboot me ass?
rach - waaaaaaah?
kaine - waaaaaaaah?
by racheh x x x :D January 10, 2005

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