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Fine Ass Surfer Boy....
Fuck off because Makua Rothman is my kahuna!!!
by Amber Rothman :o) March 12, 2004
American slang: literally balls, testicles; figuratively a man who has big kahunas has a lot of nerve, is brave, a risk taker, has a lot of testosterone.
Ted Turner: "Hey, listen. You've got to have big kahunas to be in this business.

Ronald Comacho, one of three fans arrested, filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Cubs. If you're involved in starting the ruckus, you have some pretty big kahunas to then file a lawsuit.

How big are the balls of the person who posted this message? My hat is off to the guy with the "BIG KAHUNAS"!
by Steve Jumonville September 18, 2006
huge piece of whip
kahuna was here
by twice, mark August 29, 2003
My big fuckin' dick in your gal while she is a whaylin' away, dude!
She said "your my big kahuna!"
by Big Dick Bill November 30, 2003