Verb: to break or fail.
"The photocopier sounds like it's about to kack."
"My computer kacked-out last weekend."
by Jaw-Knee Bear-Toe October 24, 2007
Female genitalia. Often used in women's college dormatories and in rap songs (hopefully).
Oh god man, you need to smack that kack!
by Erica Camp November 30, 2005
Combination of Fucking and Crap.
Another word for excrement.

I nealy kacked myself back there.
by Jay September 22, 2003
fuck, bone, do, ram the shit out of
OMG i kacked this fuckin hot chick this weekend.
by HulaBabe January 18, 2004
The pinnacle of all that is awesome.

Not to be mistaken for the German verb "kacken," which means "to defecate."
Megan: "Man, Jack Black is amazingly kack!"

Sam: "Dude, I gotta take a massive kack."
Sally: "No, dumbass, that's not how you use the word!"

by blackbayou August 23, 2007
to be de-pledged from a fraternity or sorority
He was kacked because he sucked as a pledge
by P-diddy April 03, 2004
Kack is shlong and long
by Pagina Man December 10, 2002

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