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place where illegal drug dealing/using takes place, the chillest hangout in town
Yo let's go smoke at the Kabooki hut.
by L.S.D May 02, 2005
when you poke someone in a rude or flirty fashion and yell KABOOKI
she poked him on the side of his body and yelled KABOOKI!
by brendrea April 11, 2011
a damn great cards player who smoked so much is thinking of himself as a samouraï !!

" he's playing like a kabooki ! "
by stonedass September 26, 2007
A painful sore typically found in the groin during the advanced stages of Bubonic Plague, which will burst from slight pressure to discharge white or yellow pus with an extremely foul odor. Kabookis should only be lanced by medical professionals in special cases, because the vulnerable site will usually fall prey to parasitic infestation.
The MD popped my kabooki with a scalpel and got covered in squishy yellow shit that smelled like bleu cheese.
by Reginald McTavish April 01, 2008
it is a persons behind a.k.a ass
damn, check out that kabooki!
by tati bizzy March 24, 2005
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