1. An AK-47.
2. ketamine or special k. This cool drug is a dissociative and is usually snorted or taken orally in a pill(k-bomb).
3. A kilogram(KG). (1000g) 1kg = 2.2lb
4. A kilometre(KM).(1000m)1 mile = 1.6km
5. $1000.
1. "You better not be tellling any cunts about those K's that I got imported from Russia."
2. Dude 1: "You want to go bump a few lines of K?"
Dude 2: "I'm going to drop a 'k-bomb' later on....but I may aswell have a few lines now."
3. POThead 1: "How much do you think 10k of bud costs?"
POThead 2: "Hmmm,I dunno....that's a lot of weed."
4. "I live about 2 k's from here."
5. "Your car cost $100 000? (Said with doubt): Really 100k ? Bullshit!"
by Diego July 26, 2003
Short version of okay, alright.
Roommate: I'm going home for the weekend.
You: K.
by Aldredian June 24, 2005
The expression "k..?" is one of the most powerful and legendary weapons on the face of this planet. Originally concieved by the two sages known as dickzord and prozord, it remains in pursuit by thousands of government agencies and private collectors around the entire world. One mention of this fatal spell can easily overpower Voldemort's dumb crap.

However, there have been a few rip offs of the spell, such as "..k?", concieved by the ballzord hinsonhui. It is not even half as effective, often conjuring deep disapproval from the two original sages.

Also called a concut on occasion.
1. Sergei Djokolotov: Wanna play gunz?
Pandaboyx: No. School's tomorrow.
Sergei Djokolotov: k..?
Sergei Djokolotov: k..?
Sergei Djokolotov: k..?

Sergei Djokolotov: k..?
Pandaboyx: *no response*
Sergei Djokolotov: k..?

The world then exploded.

2. Harry Potter: That's it Voldemort! It's time for your plan to end!
Voldemort: Don't be so sure about that, boy! Avada Ked---
Harry Potter: k..?

This was how Harry Potter really ended.
by dlckz0rd August 24, 2009
an extremely annoying comeback for something anyone says to you that you really dont want to hear, or care to hear .
Matt: Hey kevin your a piece of shit and i hate your guts.

Kevin: K
by Evan Smith 1992 November 21, 2008
Quite literally a slap across the face.
Jesicca: Coming out tonight?
Charlotte: No, I can't arranged something else.
Jessica: k. -signs out.
by ambzzsimm December 08, 2010
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