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A highly under-rated pop/jive singer that was formerly part of the band, NSYNC. He is responsible for the songs, rock ya body, and several others.
dude 1 "hey dude"
dude 2 "whoa do you hear that?"
(rock ya body plays on the radio)
dude 1 " I think that's justin timberlake"
*they start dancing*
by weinerschnitzle February 25, 2006
the hottest pop star since that other hot popstar you can't remember (not michael jackson goddamnit.) He's so hot infact that he's accumalated a large mass of followers who hate on him because they cannot come to terms with their 'irrational', and 'sinful' feelings for him.
tool 1: i just had a dream about justin timberlake last night
tool 2: what happened?
tool 1: we were in a hot tub and..
tool 2: i'm pretty sure this means you hate him, i mean after all it's irrational to think you'd go gay for him right?
tool 1: yes....completely...yes. god i hate him! whata pozer!
by Mandy April 24, 2005
The hottest guy in music.
He wants me.
He's cheating on Cameron Diaz.
He has TONS of talent & his dance moves are amazing.
His voice is orgasmic.
CHICK1 :YO, i think we should all rape Justin Timberlake.
CHICK2 :YEAH, he's hot, too bad he's inlove with MORAG.
CHICK1 :OHYEAH, lets back off.
by NOTMORAG July 31, 2006
taleneted singer who does not realize what is right on national TV...he's half of the reason why Super Bowl 38 will be remembered by all of us!
Dude, my respect for Justin went up when he performed in Super Bowl 38!
by World Domination February 09, 2005
A wanna-be "down" singer who ditched his band, and got sum hot beats from timbaland, and tried to pass the shit off as legit. He gets two thumbs down for turning on Janet at the superbowl by making it seem like he knew nothing about it. I will never by his music again, unless another n'sync album is released, because those are the guys who has his back. Im glad that he isnt with Britney snymore, cause I stil love her...
Justin Timberlake is a shitty shitty man for turning on Janet Jackson...
by mikeyboi December 18, 2004
The best Pop, R&B and rap singer ever! He might be a white rapper but he is certainly better than Eminem! He is good looking and the best singer ever! He is like as good as Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Emminem, 50 Cent, Nelly, Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Simple Plan and loads of other really good singers! You go Justin!
Justin Timberlake rules!
by *duNNo* July 29, 2006
1)Sexy guy formally in a band called NSYNC
2)Arrogant arse
1)Justin was screwing britney
2)Justin Timberlake is a moron that doesn't realise his fans put him where the hell he is
by Anonymous May 11, 2003