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A fat hairy black man that I have sex with daily.
I have chocolate stuffed down my throat on a regular basis.
by mikeyboi December 20, 2004
Semen ejaculated from the penis a very hot and sexy Hispanic guy.
Jose shot his salty burrito juice all over my face when he came.
by mikeyboi December 18, 2004
A euphemism meaning fresh dropplets or globs of semen....often used by gay men.
"Last night, when I gave Jake a handjob, he shot glitter way across the room!"
by Mikeyboi April 10, 2004
the sound made while trying to suck a giant dick.
when I heard the glurp noise while julie was goin' down on me, I knew I had a big dick..
by mikeyboi December 18, 2004
A supreme pop star -- nothing more, nothing less. She's not a whore, she's not a slut...she's not sum coroporate exec's "puppet"...she just...britney. Nobody says shit when Usher pulls down his pants on stage in front of a bunch of horny teenage girls...so why teh fuck do people talk about britney so fuckin' much, and for what? showing her belly? she works harder than half of you fucks who sit on your ass, listening to death metal, and have the nerve to say bad shit about someone who's actually doing something with herself....and to all the chicks who "hate" her....ur just fuckin mad that you dont have a body as good as her...hit the gym, and then when u get abs like hers, u will show your belly too...
I bought the new Britney Spears cd the other day...
by mikeyboi December 18, 2004
To spit onto a guy's dick and then lick or suck it off. Done while giving head, upon the guys request.
Janice spit-roasted me all night...
by mikeyboi December 18, 2004
A wanna-be "down" singer who ditched his band, and got sum hot beats from timbaland, and tried to pass the shit off as legit. He gets two thumbs down for turning on Janet at the superbowl by making it seem like he knew nothing about it. I will never by his music again, unless another n'sync album is released, because those are the guys who has his back. Im glad that he isnt with Britney snymore, cause I stil love her...
Justin Timberlake is a shitty shitty man for turning on Janet Jackson...
by mikeyboi December 18, 2004

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