Another average pop singer that is viewed by teenage and tween girls as the "hottest man alive" and to teenage and adult men as a "wigger" faggot whose balls haven't dropped. I really don't see the newfound teen/tween obsession with pop music. It seriously boggles my mind how one can listen to Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, etc. and compare it to rock music classics that more mature people like. Personally I don't think JT is hot, or talented, yet he's not gay and his songs, frankly are listenable. I just can't get over this obsession with pop and Justin Bieber, when you have much greater bands and singers in the past that is being forgotten in this era of "pop".

Go listen to a rock song by AC/DC or another rock band of your choice, (if you know no other bands, you have no musical life outside of pop). Makes pop look like garbage doesn't it?
Guy 1: Justin Timberlake is a fucking spoiled brat who pretends he's black and has absolutely no talent and is extremely ugly besides.
Girl: Justin Timberlake is an adorable, handsome, and talented singer and dancer. For all the people who say he's gay are really queers themselves.
Guy 2: Chill the fuck out he makes stupid songs, and isn't really handsome, but he's not a fag or a bad person in general.
by SCAR-H7.62x51 July 05, 2011
White version of Usher
Justin Timberlake was asked if he is trying to compete with Usher if he can dance better.
by azim March 12, 2005
A half-bald headed trying-to-act-black wigger whose never set foot in a ghetto before.
Any boy "band" member.
by Rocker June 21, 2004
The guy who grabbed Janet's rack.
Look, there's Justin Timberlake.
Isn't he that fool who grabbed Janet's rack?
by Steve-O April 03, 2004
a very talented singer/dancer/actor. Everyone likes to hate on him and call him a "wigger."
People who hate on JT are usually
-uncoordinated retards who cannot dance, sing or perform any other task harder than breathing and attacking everyone
-"macho" men who are insecure, pretend to hate him, but will still shove their fat boner into some girl at the club when "SexyBack" comes on
-emo idiots who rebel against anything "mainstream", slit their wrists at night while sacrificing goats at their My Chemical Romance altar

He is extrememly talented. Stop trying to appear "cool" by hating him. He has millions, a clothing line, and could get more pussy than all of you retarded pricks combined. You all know that if you could be him for a day, you would. so take your head of your ass. peace out.

Me: Why? Because he can dance, sing, act, does not lip sync, writes his own songs, has millions, a mansion, a sexy girlfriend, donates to charity, is an all-around decent human being, and could kick your ass?

by Rae Rae October 08, 2006
Horny little kid still going through puberty.
After seeing Janet Jackson's breast, Justin Timberlake became confused and disoriented. So that's what a titty looks like, he thought.
by KingTT February 03, 2004
Talented singer, performer, actor, songwriter and producer. Considered living legend. Also, he is hot.
Person 1: Do you want to go to Justin Timberlake's concert?
Person 2: Yes, I would love to. He's so amazing.
by Brightsidetiff July 26, 2014
One of the hottest most talented singer/songwriter that there is! Talented, funny and gorgeous.
Hey isn't that one of the hottest guys in the planet Justin Timberlake?
Hell yeah it is!
by MM101 April 14, 2011

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