Jura is a dragon. His scales are a golden-brown colour, much like the fur of the most noble dragon in existence.
Jura is an Alagaesian dragon, mentally bonded with the elf Kyra.
There are rumours that Jura and Kyra are immortal and have the unusual ability to travel across dimensons, but these are yet to be confirmed.
The duo currently are known to reside in the unfashionable backwaters of the Milky Way galaxy, where they practise their arts of pan-dimensional travel.
Jura is known to change shapes depending on the dimension he is in. When in the Milky Way dimension, for example, he takes on the shape of a teenage boy by the name of Sam. However, in the dimension of Alagaesia, he takes on his natural form of a dragon.
There have been rumours that Jura and Eragon Shadeslayers dragon Saphira are burrently courting eachother.
by KyraWithoutNumbersLOL December 28, 2009
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