1.when u have pieces of "junk" in the bak of ur car, also known as the trunk of ur car, or ur car can also be known as a gas powered veichle.
2. a thing u say to a fine or fat ass woman, unless ur gay.....david
1. "dude, u got so much shit in your trunk" "yea, i got alot of junk in the trunk dont i?"
2. damn girl, u got some junk in the trunk.
3. damn homeboy, u got some junk in the trunk
by Chet and Josh November 02, 2004
carrying alot of baggage from the past.
I like that new guy Nicole's going out with, but I don't know if it's the right timing. She's still got alotta junk in the trunk.
by shuttlebunny June 29, 2005
When one's ass is either wider than they are tall, or when each individual cheek is mistaken for car bumpers; also, an old woman with a diaper.
I saw this really hot girl, but when she turned around, it was an old lady with her junk in the trunk. She was still hot though.
by Paccali November 15, 2002
1. To carry emotional baggage or to have emotional set backs due to past events.

2. To carry weight in the "rear"
1. "Living in todays world, everyone has a little junk in the trunk"

2."Look at her butt! Talk about some junk in the trunk!"
by Shadedangel October 07, 2005
Gay slang for depositing semen in someone's ass during unprotected (bareback) sex.
Dude! I was in the sling at Ft. Troff and this really hot guy was pounding! When he finished, he left his junk in the trunk, and there was a puddle on the floor!
by Markus Dastardly June 24, 2006

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