Slang, synonym of callipygian. Implies an oversized buttocks, disproportionate to the waist or the rest of the body. Usually complimentary.
"Look at Keisha's ass... Man, she has some junk in the trunk!"
by this-is-ridiculous August 22, 2008
Having a large ass.
Anita Ritchie
by COCK November 02, 2003
Anal sex. Junk=genitalia Trunk=Butt
Junk+Trunk= Junk in the Trunk
He likes to put his junk in the trunk
by Keloid Conquerer January 24, 2010
A large bottom, especially when the person attached otherwise attractive.
She is pretty cute, but she's got a lot of junk in the trunk after eating dorm food all year.
by VAKI5 May 08, 2005
When a guy stuffs as many small inanimate objects up a girls vagina.
Tom was harsh - even though Sally was screaming and crying for him to stop, he was able to continue to shove small objects up Sally. She had a large Junk in the Trunk.
by bibbledeeboo December 05, 2010
stuff that has been rolling around in the trunk of your vehicle for months that you haven't bothered to clean up out of pure laziness. Usually found in old, beater cars that lack any aesthetic nature anyway.
I got fast food wrappers, bottles of motor oil and other random lubricants, an old pair of shoes, some rusted jumper cables, that VCR I was supposed to give back to my sister, empty beer cases and various other items that should really be thrown out. I need to get rid of some of my junk in the trunk.
by quiggler August 11, 2007
1) A warning that a man might not be adequately equipped for the task at hand.
2) An attempt to convey a sense of pride in one’s inability to put down a Twinkie.
3) An extremely lame attempt to separate buttocks by ethnicity, and avoid the obvious connotation of a complete lack of self-control.
Do not approach Gloria from behind without a helmet on as she has too much junk in the trunk.
by billy gisher November 09, 2006
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