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Its a drug called Amyl Nitrate commonly used on the streets and in clubs. It comes in a small glass bottle. It is commonly inhaled through the nose. The effects are almost immediate, within 30-40 seconds, but last only a few minutes... the blood pressure becomes reduced followed face flushes and persperation.

Side effects are-

In worst cases people have sniffed too much causing death.
sophie- *dancing* with bottle of jungle juice in hand

nickki - oi soph let us have a rave of the JJ ay?
by ekoorb33 August 04, 2009
I one met this guy from the Seychelles islands who said they had a drink called jungle juice which was made from the new shoots at the top of some kind of palm of coconut tree.
Apparently it's quite hallucinogenic and in the Seychelles there are urban myths of car loads of revelers driving off a cliff after consuming it. He said you could get it bottled or that some people climbed trees to get it but if you took it whilst up the tree you would most likely fall out and die.
He himself had some to celebrate passing his exams and just sat in his room tripping out for a couple of days.
This is some good jungle juice man, I'm like totaly off my tits.
by Sebastian Fry March 29, 2008
An alcoholic beverage created from Sunny-Delight, Grenadine, and the cheapest vodka you can find.

The perfect balance is just weak enough you can pound it down without realizing you drank the equivalent of a handle of vodka.
Bill: Oh shit... Dan went too crazy with the jj.... he's doing the wall roll
Ted: Damn that jungle juice
by Dano Magnum June 11, 2007
the semen of a black man especially when in a white woman
"yeah baby, show me my jungle juice seepin' out of ya!"
by blackmenonlyfromnowon December 22, 2009
Any mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids that happen to be at hand to produce a cheap, potent drink. Named for the "hobo jungles" of the depression era where it was often concocted.
Sterno (canned heat) squeezed in a cotten sock and drained into fruit juice or soda pop.
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
A very high concentrated protein shake, typically used before someone works out or does a strenuousness activity. Helps make you more productive in muscle building.
jungle juice is a protein shake, with raw eggs, meats, or any other source of protein
by muscle magic June 16, 2011
The combination of all soft drink varieties on a self serve soft drink dispenser. Such a concoction is generally created by those of the African American persuasion.
Jamal be mixin all da flavas at the KFC to make jungle juice
by Hugh Akston April 22, 2011