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a drink made from everclear and cool aid
that jungle juice fucked me up last night
by julia December 12, 2003
Any type of sugar based juice substitute which low income people purchase cuz its cheaper than real juice. ESPECIALLY the one-gallon jugs of colored sugar water like the kind that comes in Lil Hugs that you get at Circle K's.
Homeskillet, gives me a pull on yer gallon a jungle juice fo' I come up on over there and nut tap yall.
by PiperSack January 27, 2009
The combination of all soft drink varieties on a self serve soft drink dispenser. Such a concoction is generally created by those of the African American persuasion.
Jamal be mixin all da flavas at the KFC to make jungle juice
by Hugh Akston April 22, 2011
Jungle juice is created by taking a watermelon or other large fruit and infusing it with as much vodka or everclear as possible, usually by means of a turkey baster. After marinating, the fruit is cut open and consumed. A notable feature of this party concoction is that the juice which results is supposedly less alcoholic than the flesh of the fruit.
I've been working on this watermelon for like three days--it's gonna be some awesome jungle juice.
by cryptoquip May 05, 2007
the stoney*s favorite drink.
dude yo, don't steal my jungle juice!
by caitlin p March 17, 2006
Racist term that refers to music which is performed by an African-American artist such as rap and hip-hop.
"Turn that jungle juice down"
by Jungle Bunny Boiler May 25, 2008
A tasty part of any party posse shindig. Made with Crystal vodka!!!
Man, chug that grape jungle juice and screw the Brazilians!!!
by Brockman September 15, 2003