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Another word for marijuana that you can say around people who you don't want to know what it means.
"You got the seychelles?"
"Wtf are seychelles you dumbshit?"
by Fretichey April 02, 2009
1. A sexy hot mama of Caucasian/Mexican origin, caramel colored, with brown hair and brown eyes; a fox

2. A pretty girl you'd rather dance with than talk to, in doubt that any response would be interesting for her to hear
"Damn, I can't talk to her without sounding retarded."
"That's because she's seychelle, stupid."
by Ackley Stradlater February 10, 2010
africa's only wealthy country, it's made up of a number of tiny islands spread out over the indian ocean. the portuguese, british, and french all came here to trade (and conquer). in the 1970s, it became independent and drew up a constitution guaranteeing a one party state. 15 years later, a coup changed that. now this nation is doing ok because of tourism and fishing. and it's a good tax haven too. the swiss love to put their money here.
seychelles has a pretty big divide between rich and poor, but for an african country, it's doing damn good.
by Ben E. Hama February 01, 2007
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