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when a woman is on her period
Shit baby, why you so pissed?! You juicing?

Hell no I don't want to fuck, you're juicing ho!

Lemme lick that bloody twat if the juice is on.
by Rendrio June 07, 2007
9 35
The involuntary release of semen and possibly some combination of feces and blood into undergarments from the vagina or anus via a queef or fart. Almost always an extremely worn out and loose orafice is partly to blame for the juicing. The individual who has juiced themselves is left to deal with a sticky, sloppy, smelly mess and is probably a whore for letting someone give them a creampie or mudpie.
Q: What the fuck is that smell?

A: Aw, shit that bitch is juicing herself!


Q: Mommy, where are there so many pinkish, crusty stains on your panties?

A: Because I'm a whore and I juiced myself.
by Zithers November 18, 2009
17 45
another slang term for sex
We was juicing all night
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
48 76