A girl on her period.
She's juicing pretty hard this month. I gotta get the hell out of my house.
by Csand July 27, 2011
The involuntary release of semen and possibly some combination of feces and blood into undergarments from the vagina or anus via a queef or fart. Almost always an extremely worn out and loose orafice is partly to blame for the juicing. The individual who has juiced themselves is left to deal with a sticky, sloppy, smelly mess and is probably a whore for letting someone give them a creampie or mudpie.
Q: What the fuck is that smell?

A: Aw, shit that bitch is juicing herself!


Q: Mommy, where are there so many pinkish, crusty stains on your panties?

A: Because I'm a whore and I juiced myself.
by Zithers November 18, 2009
another slang term for sex
We was juicing all night
by Anonymous April 15, 2003

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