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A failed, worn-out clown who spends his days trolling for furry porn on the internet. His only source of income is performing tricks at children parties for low cost.
Dude, I just found out my ex hired a juggaloo for our kids birthday. No wonder I divorced that bitch.
by tila-tequila1 August 17, 2010

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A dumbass word that some bored pathetic loser made up to justify his useless existence by making himself seem part of a group.
"We don't fit in anywhere, not even with the emo's, so I guess we must be juggaloo's"
by fuckme! April 28, 2011
as in looky loo
one who wants to be a juggler
alternative definition
someone who follows the insane clown possee around generally a socially inept person
the juggaloo stood by and gawked as the performer did his act.
look at that juggaloo,what a total dork!
by dj brok lee July 08, 2005