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Jeep Positioning System

(otherwise know as a compass)
-"Hey, Jon, where are we now?"
-"Hold on just a sec while I check my J.P.S."
by wwhitte October 28, 2010
J.P.S. noun; abbreviation for Just Plain Shit, a shorthand
way of indicating things are not going well, particularly in an environment where being too blunt might be hazardous to ones employment or perhaps a significant relationship
We looked at the blueprints, then remeasured the proscenium, and we all agreed that the architect's rendering was J.P.S.
by Mark W. Schlemmer January 12, 2006
Acronym for Jewish Positioning System.

Used to describe a Jewish person with extraordinary urban directional skills.

A JPS is highly skilled in reading street maps, street signs, bus transfer maps, and tour guides.
if we didn't have Isaac, our JPS, we never would have gotten where we needed to go.
by Action Steve June 02, 2006
A sequence in this specific order:

Yo man, I'm gonna go home tonight and JPS it.

I JPS'd it so hard last night.
by jps4985498459458 November 04, 2010
This stands for junior puffers, or those who like to smoke pot but know nothing about the experience or the crowd that it attracts. Its also quick and easy to say in public. Also, It is more often used by junior puffers themselves.
1)The kids who throw up are the real live j p's.

2)Those jp's seem to be having a good time but also don't act very enlightened nor do they respect the herb.
by goffish September 23, 2005
Is a tight as rapper and you can find his songs here
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JPS is a tight as rapper listen to him
by JPS March 10, 2005