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Abreviation of Just One Time Around (meaning you only live once)
Jota! live your life to the full!
#live life #yolo #carpe diem #go sick #live
by WarringtonGirl1991 May 28, 2012
slang for a joint, comes from the Spanish word for the letter 'J'.
That's why you take a JO-ta to a HO-tel.
(because it's illegal and the cops will see you elsewhere)
by Nick D May 30, 2003
Cocane or other drugs
from the movie "scarface"
"Ea get the jota."
by Lucius October 08, 2003
Mexican term for a homosexual male...aka...a faggot!! Also, a way to greet your buddies or to talk shit to your enemies.
Ex 1: Man, that dude is a real jota...He only likes it in the butt.

Ex 2: Hey jota...wassup for this weekend?

Ex 3: Pinche jota! Ima fuck you up!
#faggot #gay #homo #lesbian #penis
by Samantha June 27, 2006
literally means the letter j in spanish. However, it can be used as an expression to mean a variety of things such as "oh man","ow","crap", or "holy shit"
Jota, i just failed Fonsie's spanish test.
Jota, Andrea had a nice car!!
#spanish #gota #j #crap #holy shit
by chonga likes highlighters December 23, 2006
the spanish word for the letter "j"; also any sort of masterbation (mutual or otherwise); a way of life; a greeting
"Dude, if you keep doing that you're never getting any JOTA"

"When Ben encountered Eric in the hall, 'JOTA!!!!!' was thier choice of greeting
by shaqualooloo March 15, 2005
To masturbate
Brad went home to have a Jota
by Briggsy December 04, 2003
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