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buchona is the feminine of buchón (below)

A buchona is a strikingly good looking woman who tends to be the girlfriend/love interest of a gangster. Their every whim is attended to by the gangster and in turn she fulfills all his fantasies in return for the excessive lifestyle he gives her.

bu·chón Both Genders - Noun - Singular
ambitious person; Synonyms: ambicioso, codiciador, persona ambiciosa

buchón Adjective
gluttonous; Synonyms: comelón, goloso, comilón, glotón, hartón, tragador, comedor, tragón; Se dice de quien come mucho o desordenadamente. Tragón o tragona, glotón o glotona.\r\n
ambitious; Synonyms: ambicioso, de altos vuelos, de mucho vuelo; Que anhela fervientemente algo.
potbellied; Synonyms: barrigón, barrigudo, con el vientre hinchado, panzón; figurado. Se dice de la persona que tiene el vientre abultado, parecido al buche de una paloma buchona que hincha mucho el buche.
That hot chick in the telenovela is a buchona.
by mediterraneo1234 October 14, 2011

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