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An obnoxious little prick who in the eighth grade I had for a student in my english class always had a mouth on especially after he told me and I quote "screw you" end quote and his friends were a bad choice especially all the skater ones and the only reason I passed him in my class is because I hate I despise that gosh darn little camle toed homosexual.
The only reason Josymar made it into the 9th grade is because none of his teachers hated him and did not want to have him for another year in their class.
by Mrs. Martin February 15, 2005
the greatest linkin parkfan ever
linkinpark favorite fan is me
by king of rock February 23, 2005
king of the world, not to be associated with common mortal like that fag eddie harris
josymar kicked his dog eddie in the nuts
by phantom hand February 16, 2005
the king of this fucked up world has many pets but his favorite is eddie harris
johnathan arriaga sucks
by king of rock March 07, 2005
the biggest fag in the world I mean he loves the cock his pastime is masturbating and sleeping with strange (marilyn manson) guys I have a video that shows him doing it curenntly on sell at ebay.
josymar flores is gay.
by eddie February 18, 2005
Please see role-playing or die
Names guys name their hand
by Eddie February 24, 2005
A big ass hater that gets pissed off when ever someone with a bigger dick than him (basicly everyone in the world) walks into a room he goes all crazy with his penis pump and stars inlarging everything on his body from his fingers all the way to his toes. He especially hates Ron Jeremy because ge has a NINE AND A QUARTER INCH DICK inch cock and thats 9 inches bigger than Josymars so you cant imagine the damage he does then.
After Josymar saw Ron Jeremy on T.v he grabbed his penis pump and he started pumping himself until he started bleeding out of his ears, eyes, nose, fingernails, and mouth.
by Eddie February 22, 2005

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