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lead vocals of Linkin Park known to the world as simply Chester Bennington. Has a great voice, actually when he sings he has 3 different voices. Chester was born on March 20, 1976. He is the oldest of the Linkin Park members.
yeah go chester charles bennington aka chazy chaz you rock!
by king of rock September 09, 2005
Emcee of linkin park also the guy from fort minor has incrediable music talent. he is of japanese haeritige which explain what linkin park is based on.
michael kenji shinoda is also known as simply mike. Dude mike can rap, he also has great guitar skill!
by king of rock July 23, 2006
the greatest linkin parkfan ever
linkinpark favorite fan is me
by king of rock February 23, 2005
the king of this fucked up world has many pets but his favorite is eddie harris
johnathan arriaga sucks
by king of rock March 07, 2005
pronounced ka'tard.
1.One who is so stupid he is dumber than a retard.
2.A word stonger than retard.
3.-ed, When a situation or something is so stupid or annoying.
1.Man that guy is a total quatard, he has hook-on phonics and connect math.
2.James isn't retarded he a fucking quatard!
3. Our football team lost 41-0 agian that's fucking quatarded.
by king of rock November 02, 2006
the greatest assembly of men ever to walk the earth(does not count the aspostles)
HB roxz never fuck with us
by king of rock February 23, 2005
a group of underground agents sent to corrup,damn,and free the world it has many members but the 3 greatest members are:OZSTRIKER RAVEN BLACK,JAMEZ DRAKE HAWK,AND MICHAEL DAMION MAKAZE.better know as mike,ozzie,and jamez.
you are being controlled
by king of rock October 27, 2004
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