An amazing man who is the best a girl could ask for. Blonde haired blue eyed STUD. He comes across as a good kind man, which he is, but he can be a little bad boy too, its the best of both worlds. He can't plan a date but he'll always make you laugh. He loves you with everything that he has and he never gives up. He is a true man, keeps his promises, tells the truth, only has eyes for one girl. I am so blessed to know him and date him! He is the greatest a girl can ask for :)
I am dating the best guy I am dating Josh
by shrty62 November 16, 2010
a guy that you will date and then he'll date your best friend
Don't be a josh
by Greasy grass 12345 September 26, 2015
White highschool piece of shit that has a micro dick and gets boners in class all the time
That josh kid is gay
by pussydestryer July 21, 2015
The worst person that ever existed. Useless, cant be trusted and cant do anything right. also very strong and stupid.
Oh my GAWD that guy is totally a josh!
by DiamondDude8487 May 21, 2015
A person, typically male, who seems very polite, sweet, even charming at times. However, they can also become very self-absorbed and have no respect for others, especially females. They seem like they have qualities of a good friend when, in most cases, they are the farthest thing from loyal. Don't get too hung up on one. They are not worth your time.
"Hey who was that guy that just stood you up?"
"He was a Josh, no surprise."
"Of course. What a shallow jerk."
by Qjdjrbalfneidhbalkh June 08, 2013
Josh is the sweetest guy there is. He has a girlfriend who would do anything for him and isn`t afraid to be himself. He is funny and charming and will make you fall for him faster than you can blink. He is worth every minute of your time because he will never waste it. He is handsome and charming, you can put all your trust in him and he won`t let you down. He is amazing and you will love him.
ex. he is so perfect - he must be josh
by ntbr1994 November 29, 2011
He is the sweetest guy that you will ever meet!!! Every day he will tell you that you are the prettiest person in the world. He tells you he loves you at least 10 times a day...he is someone you would never expect to fall in love with but you do!! He's hard to forget and will drive you crazy. He may seem quiet and shy at first but soon he will loosen up. He always smells good and is extremely sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by dancestar_11 August 29, 2011

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