The worst person that ever existed. Useless, cant be trusted and cant do anything right. also very strong and stupid.
Oh my GAWD that guy is totally a josh!
by DiamondDude8487 May 21, 2015
liar with small dick
patty: he cheated on me! what a josh
by jnugget January 07, 2015
A complete and total fag
Josh is such a fag
by Super sex 4 June 13, 2014
A person, typically male, who seems very polite, sweet, even charming at times. However, they can also become very self-absorbed and have no respect for others, especially females. They seem like they have qualities of a good friend when, in most cases, they are the farthest thing from loyal. Don't get too hung up on one. They are not worth your time.
"Hey who was that guy that just stood you up?"
"He was a Josh, no surprise."
"Of course. What a shallow jerk."
by Qjdjrbalfneidhbalkh June 08, 2013
a person who is shy and quiet, but will completely come into your life and turn it all around. He's the type of guy who's big and protective, and someone who you can put your complete trust in. He's patient, and meant for girls who are stubborn and challenging since he's so willing to stand by them. He's sexy, and an incredible lover who can be the most romantic person ever, or the dirtiest, and filthiest sex pot. He doesn't know all these things about himself, and often undervalues his traits, but he is an incredible musician, boyfriend, and lover, and would no doubt be all those things when he is a husband. This name is also characteristic of having a funny pupil
"Did you see that guys eye?"
"Yeah! He had some sort of Josh going on in his pupil!"
"Should have watched out for that pencil!
by bloomluv December 01, 2012
The greatest guy a girl can meet. Though shy and bit reserved in their expressions of love, they can easily make girls fall in love with them due to their charm, intelligence, humor and adorkable-ness. Typically sports brown hair, glasses, and big eyes.
"What do you think about your boyfriend?"
"He's such a josh! Totally perfect in every way. I'm sure he's the one."
by Misslondonbound May 13, 2012
Noun: an unreliable guy who will never do anything fun with you. Often ditches friends in favour of Chap laps.

Verb: the act of being a Josh. Ditching your friends and plans for no good reason.

Joshed (Verb- past tense)
Danny: Are we still drinking tonight?

Jon: No, Cairine and Almaz totally Joshed us. They're so unreliable.
by notajosh December 16, 2011

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