He is a amazing person and would never let you down. Everyday about him will make you shocked. When you look into his blue eyes you will know he is the one. Hes adorable, cute, funny, sexy, and competley amazing. No one can hate him, because he is to beastly awesome. He knows how to have fun and change your world. When you cry, hes the one who will wipe away your tears. You can't find anyone with more class thin him. His junk isn't just big, its GIGANTIC! He would truly rock your world both ways.
Girl: "I wish i had a josh"
Friend: "Everyone does"
by Lilzozo9 August 20, 2011
Josh is a fat ginger fire-crotch bitch. He is a loser and has no friends, except his granny. He desperately wants to be a woman. He is the most pathetic piece of shit in the world. People who are around him want to punch him because he is a mouthy, cocky asshole. He will never have a life. Josh loves to start drama with people because he has nothing better to do. He is so fucking fat he breaks every car his lard ass ever sat in. He is creepy and will stalk you. He is very ugly and pimply faced. It looks like someone shit on his head. No one wants to be around him because everything that comes out of his mouth is disgusting and insulting. His favorite things are twinkies and big gulps. The only thing he knows how to do is eat and smoke weed. He's a lazy fucker and stinks like 100yr old ass cheese because he's too fat to wash in between his fat folds. He's never seen his penis. He's not sure if he even has one. Josh is the herpie on the dick of society. His life sucks and you just cant get any uglier, red-headed, fat, stupid, lazy or disgusting than Josh.
When you see Josh yell: Red, Red, who shit on your head??

Josh is the red-headed step child you love to hate and treat like shit

If you cant find your penis then you're a fatass Josh

If the only action you get is with a twinkie then you must be Josh

If you ever busted the axel on a car out with your fatness then yep, you're Josh.
by SoSexiLexi June 24, 2011
An amazing guy who puts one before himself. He is rich and super nice. He has amazing muscles and is SUPER hot. He always knows when something is wrong and is always there for you. He's an amazing boyfriend and every girl is jealous of his girlfriend. He is the most amazing guy ever. Definitely easy to fall in love with.

I love you Josh.
by xox13 March 14, 2011
scarastic, funny, amazing man with a large and orgasmic wee-wee. but is a wicked tease. but also a pita.
my best friend is such a josh
by myotherridewearscombatboots January 19, 2011
a dumb, ugly, stupid, player. Most likely to break your heart.

Bob: woaaah, I can't believe you just called me josh...

Lulu: well you are.
by brainerhatercrew <33 November 11, 2010
a cool guy
Girl 1:who is studmuffin?
Girl 2:thats Josh
Girl 1:nicee
by jferg100 June 19, 2010
He is extremely tall with dark hair. He seems shy but will open up and become funny. He is also amazing with women and smells great. He also has a massive dick and knows how to use it to satisfy a woman. Overall a tall dude who is chill and that loves cars.
He is such a Josh. You are being a Josh today.
by AlyssaaB September 21, 2013

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