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a cool guy
Girl 1:who is studmuffin?
Girl 2:thats Josh
Girl 1:nicee
by jferg100 June 19, 2010
The greatest guy a girl can meet. Though shy and bit reserved in their expressions of love, they can easily make girls fall in love with them due to their charm, intelligence, humor and adorkable-ness. Typically sports brown hair, glasses, and big eyes.
"What do you think about your boyfriend?"
"He's such a josh! Totally perfect in every way. I'm sure he's the one."
by Misslondonbound May 13, 2012
a fun loving person that is willing to fuck shit up when neccesary
josh thugged out at the lowes parking lot
by dozerscrider July 05, 2011
An amazing man who is the best a girl could ask for. Blonde haired blue eyed STUD. He comes across as a good kind man, which he is, but he can be a little bad boy too, its the best of both worlds. He can't plan a date but he'll always make you laugh. He loves you with everything that he has and he never gives up. He is a true man, keeps his promises, tells the truth, only has eyes for one girl. I am so blessed to know him and date him! He is the greatest a girl can ask for :)
I am dating the best guy I am dating Josh
by shrty62 November 16, 2010
Josh is amazingly sweet! AND he’s the best boyfriend ever! Josh is the type that would rather call you to tell you good night instead of a meaningless text message. He is the type of guy that calls girls beautiful other than hot.. He looks into people’s inner beauty. i love him with all of my heart and soul. He’s one of the funniest guys on the planet. he can make you laugh at anything, even if your not in the greatest mood.. He loves being sarcastic, and its hilarious!! He can make you believe just about ANYTHING because he knows how to keep a straight face lol.. this country boy can easily melt your heart while he sings and plays his guitar for you.. he sees the best in people and respects everyone until they give him a reason not to. he is a complete gentleman, and he’s Never rude. Josh is the kind of guy that you would want to introduce to your parents. he always says "ma’am" and "sir" when he speaks to his elders. Josh always knows just what to say. He is a very smart individual with great work ethic. Josh is one of those people who is always fun to be around. He’s not the same exact person all the time, sometimes he likes to pick on people(joking around of course) other times he’s the most kind person ever. On top of all this he’s VERY handsome and trustworthy. He isn’t the kind of guy who would go behind your back. I trust him 100% and I KNOW he would never do me wrong. That is just a few reasons while I love Josh with all of my heart
"Josh" is the most amazing guy alive!

"josh" is loved by many people, including me!

"Josh" and I will be together forever.

handsome sexy funny crazy loving caring sarcastic amazing boyfriend mine kind gentle awesome polite butt munch trustworthy my everything weirdo
by *CUPCAKE:)* July 06, 2012
A wonderful man who is strong, trustworthy, and sweet. He sticks to one woman and loves her with all his might and falls for her over and over again. He will fight anyone to the death if they threaten people who are close to him. He is sexy at times when he wants to be, which is mostly all the time. He has a high pain tolerance. Josh is the most amazing man you could ever meet because he will be with you til the end and always try to put your needs first. Josh is the best guy to be with.
Girl number 1 - "Is Josh your boyfriend?"

Girl number 2 - "No, he's my true love."
by ilovehimforever,bd. July 09, 2011
He is the sweetest guy that you will ever meet!!! Every day he will tell you that you are the prettiest person in the world. He tells you he loves you at least 10 times a day...he is someone you would never expect to fall in love with but you do!! He's hard to forget and will drive you crazy. He may seem quiet and shy at first but soon he will loosen up. He always smells good and is extremely sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by dancestar_11 August 29, 2011