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A fun loving guy who has come a long way in life. He has made many mistakes but realised this and has moved on. He is a gentle giant with kind heart.
Josh is so nice.
by lucycaffrey April 03, 2011
Very loud individuals who have low self esteem because of it. Most people consider Chontelles to be funny, and great to hang around, but they are often left out of activities. Chontelles are creative people, with a talent for the written word. They also love books and reading. Chontelles are prone to addictions but over time will get over them. Chontelles are genuine and a tad quirky, with an overall weakness for air guitaring.
Chontelle, can you keep it down, I can't hear my music through my headphones.
by lucycaffrey April 03, 2011
A rather self centred individual with the constant need to make smart ass comments. Very focused on his looks, as he is self-conscious about his height. He makes up for his short, stocky appearance with a nice ass and amazing musical talent.
If I had several shots of tequila, I would tell Mitch that his ass is perfect.
by lucycaffrey April 03, 2011
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