a person who is shy and quiet, but will completely come into your life and turn it all around. He's the type of guy who's big and protective, and someone who you can put your complete trust in. He's patient, and meant for girls who are stubborn and challenging since he's so willing to stand by them. He's sexy, and an incredible lover who can be the most romantic person ever, or the dirtiest, and filthiest sex pot. He doesn't know all these things about himself, and often undervalues his traits, but he is an incredible musician, boyfriend, and lover, and would no doubt be all those things when he is a husband. This name is also characteristic of having a funny pupil
"Did you see that guys eye?"
"Yeah! He had some sort of Josh going on in his pupil!"
"Should have watched out for that pencil!
by bloomluv December 01, 2012
He is a amazing person and would never let you down. Everyday about him will make you shocked. When you look into his blue eyes you will know he is the one. Hes adorable, cute, funny, sexy, and competley amazing. No one can hate him, because he is to beastly awesome. He knows how to have fun and change your world. When you cry, hes the one who will wipe away your tears. You can't find anyone with more class thin him. His junk isn't just big, its GIGANTIC! He would truly rock your world both ways.
Girl: "I wish i had a josh"
Friend: "Everyone does"
by Lilzozo9 August 20, 2011
The name Josh (short for Joshua) sprouts from its Hebrew meaning 'savior,' probably for the heroic aspects found in those who share the name. As of the most common names in the world, it has been featured in the top ten most common boy names multiple times. This is because many parents want their children to be in the 'Josh' elect. This 'Josh' elite populate the superior form of studly, chivalrous, sexy, creative, gregarious, altruistic, charismatic, manly men you will ever witness. They are the best of the best in all aspects of relationships and are considered inhumanly gifted lovers. You will know a true Josh when you find one. If you come into contact with one, bow down and show immediate respect. If you are a worthy suitor, prepare to be satisfied and pampered beyond your wildest dreams.
Him? That's a Josh. Quick! Bow down! For we are not worthy.
by aLUCKYluckyGAL August 01, 2011
An amazing guy who puts one before himself. He is rich and super nice. He has amazing muscles and is SUPER hot. He always knows when something is wrong and is always there for you. He's an amazing boyfriend and every girl is jealous of his girlfriend. He is the most amazing guy ever. Definitely easy to fall in love with.

I love you Josh.
by xox13 March 14, 2011
scarastic, funny, amazing man with a large and orgasmic wee-wee. but is a wicked tease. but also a pita.
my best friend is such a josh
by myotherridewearscombatboots January 19, 2011
a dumb, ugly, stupid, player. Most likely to break your heart.

Bob: woaaah, I can't believe you just called me josh...

Lulu: well you are.
by brainerhatercrew <33 November 11, 2010
a cool guy
Girl 1:who is studmuffin?
Girl 2:thats Josh
Girl 1:nicee
by jferg100 June 19, 2010

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