a fun loving person that is willing to fuck shit up when neccesary
josh thugged out at the lowes parking lot
by dozerscrider July 05, 2011
An amazing man who is the best a girl could ask for. Blonde haired blue eyed STUD. He comes across as a good kind man, which he is, but he can be a little bad boy too, its the best of both worlds. He can't plan a date but he'll always make you laugh. He loves you with everything that he has and he never gives up. He is a true man, keeps his promises, tells the truth, only has eyes for one girl. I am so blessed to know him and date him! He is the greatest a girl can ask for :)
I am dating the best guy I am dating Josh
by shrty62 November 16, 2010
fucking gay ass mofo who likes cock in his mouth, ass and ear canal. drills himself with corn on the cob. has large dildo collection
josh is a fuckboy
by fuckboi123456789 May 14, 2015
The biggest fuck boy in the world
I like a fuckboy. Who? Josh.
by glee_is_life May 01, 2015
Joshua is a amazing friend. He is extremely funny and handsome, he can always make you laugh even when your feeling sad. He is amazing even though he doesn't know it. If a Josh comes into your life never let him go. He will take great care of you and will always protect you.
Random girl:Woah Who's that insanely hot guy

Me:back off he's mine forever
Random girl: he must be a Josh
by I_love_you_babe April 26, 2015
A man who is very deep and complex. Almost mysterious some would say. As mysterious as a Unicorn. Everyone should get to know a josh
"Hey do you know much about that Josh guy?"
"No... he's pretty much like a Unicorn"
by pm5428 April 10, 2015
Joshs are funny, loyal, and handsome people. They are very honest and will avoid any conflict. They are very loving people towards their friends and family. Thry try to get along with everyone and are very social.
you want a josh in your life cause they won't leave your side.
Girl 1: That guy is hot!
Girl2: yeah that's a josh.
by swimming♡ April 04, 2015

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