robbing cunt who sells his familes possesions for a weed, also known as a cretin, or scum of the earth
Did you see that dick rob his mums engagement ring and I phone for money to buy weed must be a JONNY
by pauliam October 14, 2011
if you know a Jonny then more fool you. Such a dickhead that you should feel ashamed of yourself for even being with him. Prefers to spend time with his girl best friend than you. Makes you feel second best. Hates the fact that you can't see him all the time. Never ever go out with someone called Jonny, he will make your life hell and make you regret everything!!
hey see that idiot over there
he looks like a jonny
by amazingperson1998 January 11, 2014
German hacker who, although is very good whilst talking to his computer, is very bad at talking to women. Ironically enough, he actually does have women friends >.<
Oh gosh... look at Jonny going for those women. Don't let him. He might disgust them.
by n07 wh0 y0u 7h1nk 17 15. April 05, 2011
A sly, sneaky cunt, who does'nt have the balls to back up his comments, is thick as fuck, lazy and lives off the back of his mothers hards work. He causes trouble and hides behind his equally slyish, cuntish, wankerish, family.
has tiny balls and the forehead of an orangutan.
He's being a right jonny he is.
by truthspeaker2011 May 10, 2011
A jerk-muffin-head who you think you can trust but it turns out he is a jerk-muffin-head and then goes and dumps you for a girl that he dates for two days and then breaks up with. Also, he may tell all your secrets and ruin your life so don't tell him any of your secrets.
girl1: hey how are you and jonny?
girl2: if you ever say that name again i will shoot a baby in the face.
by Lfe September 29, 2009
A gay ninja who enjoys the likes of steps, the spice girls and busted concerts and a cock in and around his mouth
you like steps? your such a jonny!
by barnesy1990 February 23, 2010
another word for a comdom OR a general dickhead who likes to annoy everyone and dosnt answer phone or texts.
dont do a jonny!

i'll go and get a jonny from the store ;)
by dissid February 04, 2009
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