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a adorable girl whos hyperactive and orginal. sometimes confused with a boy name. shes not materalistic and shallow but
actually looks for guys that are "worth it". One of my best damn friends. An awesome cool unique girl who stands out with out trying. has an epic personality classy, yet simple. and very beautiful.

guy 1"hey did you see that new girl jonnie today?"

guy 2"dude! jonnie's a boy name hahaha stupid!"

guy 1"freaking idiot she a girl."

guy 2"show her to me then you dick."

* shows her jonnie

jonnie "uh sup?"

guy 2"damn your hot."
#jonnie #awesome #cool #oringinal #unique
by rockinkiller February 05, 2009
A very beautiful guy with the perfect smile. Someone who has an amazing personality. He is funny, nice, and understanding. He will always be there for you. He can make you laugh and smile when your sad.. He gives you butterflies when you see and talk to him. He makes you wanna wake up every morning. He is the perfect guy. There is nothing to change about him.. He is so easy to love.

I love you, Boo Bear. <3

Girl: man, I wish my boyfriend was like jonnie.

Me: well doesn't that suck.

#boo #bear #love #perfect #butterflies
by Kailaahlynn(: April 11, 2011
An awesome person who loves playing the piano
Jonnie is awesome
#awesome #basurahan #platitoville #flip #philippines
by ???????????__ November 15, 2008
another word for condom. commonly used b 14-24 year olds because condom sounds way too serious.
guy : i'll just get a jonnie then i'll screw you so hard you'll moan till tuesday
#jonny #condom #protection #lust #screw
A piece of shit guy. He pretends to love you just so that he can use you financially. He likes to cheat with other women and when confronted about it, what does he do. Deny and play stupid like a piece of shit person will do. He also likes to hit women and treat them like shit. He is a waste of time and space on this beautiful planet. HE IS A SORRY ASS LOSER, just like the rest of his family. He thinks he's sexy and smart. Dumbass doesn't even have a hs diploma. He's a drunk with a dui. Has a really bad temper and is a murderer. How sad and pathetic
Is that man jonnie small?

That's him, but he's no man. He's a sorry excuse for a man
#jonnie #jonnie small #piece of shit #cheater #woman beater #drunk
by babygirl1021 May 14, 2012
Jonnie. That is a boy name, no ones likes her she always wants attention so shes an attention whore. She likes to have anything with a weiner even if they have a girlfriend. She doesnt know what it means to be a good friend. she will be a back stabber. shes two faced and you wouldn't want to be friends with her. she has no life.
Caitlyn; Stop flirting with my boyfriend you fucking whore.
Jonnie; Im not flirting with him
Caitlyn; yes you are, so stop it whore.

Jonnie; no that's my best friend.
Caitlyn; well hes MY boyfriend, leave him alone
Jonnie; cool.
#jonnie #caitlyn #whore #ugly #annoying
by buckaroooooooooooooo August 18, 2011
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