A Jonny hides in the wild by covering itself in a thick layer of vehicle grease/oil, and disguising it's natural smell with that of tyres.

When domesticated, a Jonny can be put to good use in the kitchen, making tea and baked potatoes.

However, they demand excessive payment in the way of dominating your World of Warcraft gaming time, and bottles of sherry. (They also like to take your last Marlboro when you're not looking, and if not hidden, will also 'look after' your green for you until they think you should smoke it with them.)
"I was walking through the park the other day, when a herd of Jonny's came flying past. One of them stole the fag right out of my mouth, and before I could say anything, they had disappeared in a cloud of dust."
by MValentine August 28, 2008
1.] a young man in his twenties afraid to come out of the closet. but has made out with multiple guys in his teen years. he also had a three some with one girl and another guy. 2.] someone who had dated a female thats figure is shaped like a man. 3.] touches little boys around the ages 16. 4] a free loader, who acts like a female. 5.] a very jealous ex-boyfriend that acts nice, and attempts to wiggle his way back in his ex girlfriends life.
My girlfriend has a Jonny of an ex boyfriend.

(to a gay man),so you're going to hook up with that jonny?

i can't ever get the jonny out of my house! he never pays rent.
by thatchickwiththeface January 05, 2010
a boy who has a vag.
man jonny has such a little doodle.

he has a vag,
by trennalised March 02, 2008
1) a buff little emo kid. kinda queer but ya' cant beat him.
2) a huge willy

3) my son.
1) oh wow i need a jonny so bad.

2) Gosh thats a big Jonny.

3) i love you jonny, do the dishes.
by jonnys mother August 22, 2007
Skate Vocab.
An ollie where the tail does not touch the ground, yet air is still gained.
Oh my god, you just Jonny'd over a brick, it looked shit.
by mr. thing October 01, 2006
male plumber roughly the size of a two daylins.
jonny wears bonnet like all day. but on tuesdays. you see his multi-direction going hair.
by cookiedough November 14, 2005
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