n. A motion picture by Spike Lee
"Do the Right Thing" is a Spike Lee Joint.
by fizzle March 27, 2004
can be anything really. used often in relation to music. a collection of things or articles.
lemme get them joints.
you copped them joints yet?
by joe dutch August 19, 2004
The state penitentiary or prison.
The best place for a stiff one is the joint.
by d0c March 17, 2008
According to Chris from Family Feud, something that gets passed around
Steve: OK Chris name something that gets passed around
Chris: A joint
by specialK1369 February 17, 2011
A song, usually hip-hop or rap.
Yo play dat joint by 50 cent!
by White Suburban Male November 18, 2003
jail or penitentiary
"Hey don't mess with him. He just did a nickel's worth in the joint."
by jako September 14, 2003
slang 1. any house, building or place 2. a Hollywood feature film with much rap in the musical score
When you come to my house, take your shoes off at the door so you don't get dirt all over the joint!

The film, "Clockers" is a "Spike Lee" joint.
by Jon64Bailey January 09, 2008

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