A joint of meat is traditionally found in British butchers shops. It is a piece or slab of meat, usually Beef, Pork or Ham (Gammon) which is rolled and then tied off with string ready for cooking. Although, many Brits will now refer to most large pieces of meat as “a joint of meat”, though this is technically incorrect.
How much is that joint of beef?
I’m looking for a nice pork joint for the Sunday roast.
by Dogsoldier July 13, 2010
1. a space between two bones that allows you to bend your body.

2. term for a handmade ciggarette filled with cannabis
1. Ow, my elbow joint just cracked. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK THAT HURT!

2.Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude..... fingers
by Zankou August 23, 2006
cigarette paper rolled with weed, hash, or crack rather than tobacco
despite what his parents told him, little johnny still smoked the joint he found in his mom's purse.
by Khronic March 13, 2006
place at which two or more things are joined; point at which two bones fit together.
I fixed two pieces of wood together with a mitre joint.
by Una Corda June 09, 2004
a "marijuana cigerette" rolled using a rolling paper. Usually cost $2.
Hey homeboi, pass that fuckin' join
by D-FOES November 02, 2003
a club, venue, weed cigarette, bar, house....
"lets rrrrrock this joint!!!" he yells
by the boy next door October 03, 2003
DMV dialect

can be anything
"man i was at the DC Star last night, that joint was crunk"
by s3xy_danc3r May 13, 2010
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