A joint is a rolled smoking paper with weed or hasj in it.

A dutch joint is a joint rolled with long smoking paper, rolled backwards, (like in the sticky side on the outside, this way u leave a lot of paper unused wich u do not have to smoke, less chance for cancer, it also makes the joint taste better)
with a hard piece of thick paper (called a 'tip'), spiral or zigzag shaped, used as a filter at the end of the joint (where u take the hit from).
Usually filled with more tabacco then weed/hasj, to let it burn better and because very good weed is expensive in NL, but then again, dutch weed has 10x more THC then weed anywhere else in the world (especially USA, England, Thailand, etc)

All required materials for a 'dutch' joint can be acquired in every coffeeshop in the Netherlands (amsterdam has more then 150 coffeeshops)

Dude, U aint using a pipe to smoke that stuff, are u? Lemme roll a joint for yah man, I can roll inside out!

Could someone make a tip for my joint?
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
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a rolled marijuana cigarette
Pass that joint over here. I'll take a hit
by Bungalow Bill November 26, 2001
A. Marijuana cigarette
B. where two seperate peices of material are bonded together
C. Portions of the anatomy that can move
D. A building or other place
E. Prison or Jail
F. A song esp. rap
My stupid pot head friend was driving off from this joint and he had that new joint by fiddy cent playing on the radio when the cops got behind. He gat pulled over at that joint where they sell cheesburgers and got searched. The cops found a joint in the car, but he says if he had known a joint was in the car he would have already smoked it. They threw his ass in the joint and now he spends all day cutting dovetail joints for some whach ass cabinets they're making for city hall's new cafeteria. Well he got sloppy with the equipment one day and cut his hand off at the wrist joint.
#marijuana #ganja #cabinets #cabinetry #suicida #l fishmonger #jail house #da hizzouse
by fat sammy davis jr. March 19, 2007
a cigarette roled that contains ganja. When smoked results in complete relaxation, and the general desire to do absolutly nothing. Will also unleash ur most random inner thoughts and theories on life.
A Joint will help u through times of no money far better than money will help you throught times of no joint.
by Filisgod March 08, 2004
1. a hand rolled marijuana cigarette
2. old school slang for prison
The chronic in that joint was really bad, it made me choke

He got 30 years in the joint for armed robbery
by agentsteve July 02, 2005
1. Weed rolled and smoked in a ciggarette or with rolling paper's.
2. Someone's house, place, pad, zone or chill.
"Let's go back to my joint and smoke some joints."
by Diego August 18, 2003
A place. Can be any place, doesn't have to be jail or a crack house.
"The joint", however, means the fucking slammer.
Delonte: "Ayyo nigga let's hit up dat science museum tomorrow."
Jameer: "Hell yeah dogg that joint is off da heezy fo' sheezy."
Delonte: "Yeah that joint sho' is better than THE joint."
by Nick D January 31, 2004
1. A marijuana cigarette
2. any place or thing
3. Prison
1. We rolled that dub in a joint.

2. a) You wanna hit up that fried chicken joint?

b) "This film is A Spike Lee joint." - credits of Spike Lee films

3. My dude got 8 years in the joint for assault.
#joint #jiont #joitn #jonit #blunt #spike #lee #prison #jail
by contagion; April 05, 2009
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