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a word that refers to a beautiful girl that is extremely honest and decent - not a whore even though a large number of people want to get with her.
everyone thinks she's perfect even though she's not, and tends to be academically excellent.
g:So you had a date with Johna last night?
m:yeah, it was awesome. But I didn't get anything
by daughterofmother May 04, 2007
Looves batman. John is the kind of person that will make every moment seem awkward. He is funny and very sweet. He is also super sexxxy even though he won't admit it. John makes you feel pretty when you feel like shit. He walks around in Batman tighty whities and sings freaking amazingly!;) he's also going to be one of your best friends!:)
no... it's John A.
by yoyoyo_14 May 28, 2011
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