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It's a new fad. Apparently, you just run... for an extended period of time. It's supposed to be wild.
John: I just went jogging.
Mary: When in Rome
by Mr. Incredible January 12, 2005
Another Word For Jacking Or Stealing
Libz: What yuu doinn ?
Mel: Nutin Jus Jogging

Libz: Wt Yuu Bin On?
Mel: Nutin Jus Jogged In Claires Acc.

by Si... February 06, 2008
a common misspelling of joggins.
Person1: i'd a mad case of the jogging yesterday!!
Person2: wot?
Person1: *joggins, s'ry
Person2: haha, I forgive you
by rubix! rubix! November 26, 2006
jogging......apperently you just run for a certain distance....its suppeso to be WILD!!!
me and veronica are trying this new fad called jogging.
by snafargaling March 20, 2008
the act of smoking pot. useful in non-herb friendly situations.
Hey, after church, would you like to go jogging?
by Cooter Brown October 29, 2002
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